Flyover State x Nike iD Air Max 1

Back when I launched the brand, I had these Air Max 1s made via NIKE iD. Seemed like a good way to celebrate getting things off the ground.

I loved the Baroque Brown leather and I thought the other colors set it off well and made for a really clean, wearable fall shoe.

It was funny then when these came out this past fall — totally reminding me of the iDs. I actually prefer the tan midsole to the white, especially for wearing in the muck over the winter in the Midwest. Road salt is nothing to play with.

And for what it’s worth, I think the iD choices have been pretty weak lately. Now, the bespoke Air Force One program? That’s a whole different story…

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  1. April Bowers says:

    Can anyone recommend a high-quality trail walk sneaker for gals?

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