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Bike and coffee cart

Look closely and you can make out the names on that baby blue T. OK, maybe not. (Photo: NY Daily News)

A story in today’s New York Daily News about the pedal-powered java crew, Kickstand Coffee, contained one very cool detail for Flyover State: a “Spirit of ’87” shirt front and center. See it up close and personal after the jump, and get more info about the suddenly everywhere in the New York press, Kickstand Coffee. 

Team Flyover State’s brother is one of the founders of the bike-coffee startup and happened to be wearing his “’87” shirt the day the Daily News swooped in to do the story.

Cemex coffee pour. Spirit of '87 T-shirt

East Coast coffee. Midwest T. That's how he rolls. (Photo: NY Daily News)

Lucky for him, because we can all agree, in the parlance of the almighty Twitter, that this is a #goodlook. He got to show off his Middle West roots and his Twins pride. Home run!

And for more about Kickstand Coffee: To quote the Daily News story it’s “a custom-made, bicycle-powered, fold-up coffee stand.” The three guys who operate it haul everything they need to serve fresh coffee all day, including water!, in two 150-lb pull-behind bike carts and then form like Voltron when they get to the spot.

You can check it out for yourself on Saturdays at the Artists and Fleas in Brooklyn’s McCarren Park and at other sites and events around NYC this summer.

For even more about Kickstand Coffee, check out their site or follow them on Twitter. They’ve also been featured in the New York Times and Village Voice.

And don’t forget, “The Spirit of ’87” shirt is now just $15.

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