Nike SB Dunk “Loon” x Familia Skateshop Release Recap

Loon x Familia Line

Bitter wind? Bundled-up sneakerheads? Must be a Minnesota shoe release in November. (Photo: Team Flyover State)

The long-rumored, Todd Bratrud-designed Nike SB “Loon” Dunks finally hit the streets on Nov. 6. And what better place to host the exclusive launch of these Minnesota state birds than Familia Skateshop? Check out some line pics, detailed “Loon” shots and more.

In line: What the Dunks

They're not out in the wild too often. Presently around $900 on Flight Club. Nike SB "What the Dunks." (Photo: Team Flyover State)

Foamposite Pearls and Air Jordan III "True Blues"

More heat in line. Foamposite "Pearls" and Air Jordan III "True Blues." (Photo: Team Flyover State)

Dunk Hi "UNKLEs"

Another pair you don't see everyday... Nike SB "UNKLEs," with some "Bloody Gums" in the background. (Photo: Team Flyover State)

The store was decked out, with some real-tree camo, pond reeds and duck decoys. There were additional items for sale, including an exclusive Todd Bratrud-designed T, a deck, some prints and more. Check it all out.

Reeds and more

You can almost hear the quacking. (Photo: Team Flyover State)

After finally thawing out, the fingers worked well enough for an unboxing of a pair of sneakers that people have been looking forward to for five years:

Familia Loon Card

Cool add-in. (Photo: Team Flyover State)

Nike SB Dunk Low "Loons"

They have to be one of the SB releases of the year. If not THE best. (Photo: Team Flyover State)

In box: Side view

Premium, premium. Super detailed stiching. (Photo: Team Flyover State)

Nike SB Low "Loons"

Long time in coming. Worth the wait. (Photo: Team Flyover State)

Thanks for hosting, @familiask8shop. Orderly line, quick turnarounds, and all that. Keep up the good work guys.

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  1. Justin says:

    I guess the NYC equivalent would be a pair of SB Squirrels, which would be all gray with some nasty, matted fur lining the midsole. I’d buy ’em though.

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  3. A pair of SB “Squirrels” would make for a good follow-up to the “Pigeons.” Someone get Jeff Staple on the line…

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